Simple SEO And Television Repair

As a hobby, I started out collecting old televisions in an attempt to fix them to working order. I’ve learned a lot about how the televisions work through taking them apart and looking at their internal components. Now I’ve taken that skill and turned it into a business. I fix televisions for people who bring them in, and also sell parts from televisions that I’ve disassembled. In order to get more awareness for my business, I relied on help from Stockton online marketing to get more usage out of the keywords on my website.

When most people search for help with a television that they may be having problems with, they look for any kind of video that may give them some kind of insight. I have some videos that may help people in these types of situations on my website. These quick videos have keyword descriptions that are a major driver to my website. Most of the time, the videos give people enough information to solve smaller problems, but for larger ones, they give me a call and I take in their televisions for repair.

I usually get flat panel televisions for repair, but sometimes people will give me the bulky tube televisions to fix, which really give my body a workout.

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