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Why Are Entrepreneurs So Important in Stockton?

There’s an increasing recognition that entrepreneurs are a critical part of today’s economy and that they are going to become even more important moving forward into the future. There are many reasons why they are getting what is truly well deserved attention, and as the world economy continues to grow, change, contract, they are going to become even more important for a wide variety of reasons.

They Are True Job Creators
While giant companies and corporations talk about how they’re the job creators, the giants of past decades have often shed jobs or gotten rid of high paying ones for low paying ones. However companies like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Demand Media, and Amazon all started as the dreams of individual entrepreneurs who wanted to grow their idea into something great.

All those companies and the millions of jobs they’ve helped create (not to mention all the supporting businesses they facilitated) started with an entrepreneurial vision.

They Don’t Take Increasingly Rare Jobs
Another major reason entrepreneurs are important is that they make their own income and job instead of taking the increasingly rare good paying jobs that have heavy competition they leave those open for other workers while looking to create a healthier overall local economy themselves.

This is a double bonus for society in general because it means more people are working, more people are bringing in income, and as there are less pensions, more cutbacks, and more technology taking over for jobs it makes sense that being able to create your own way is crucial to long term success.

There are also many people who believe that in the future people will almost all need a part time job, gig, or business in order to save up money for retirement. This makes being an entrepreneur more important than ever!

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